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An Introduction to mytrip.mvc

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logoicon.pngmytrip.mvc (mtm) is an open source Content Management System, based on Microsoft's .NET MVC technology, which enables you to build Web sites. For now project includes several modules: User Management (profiles and roles), News, Articles, Blogs, Votes, e-Commerce (Store, currency converter), module for travel (tourist) agency, weather and more coming soon. Every module has separated settings, which can be found in the control panel. Some of the modules can be switched on or off.
mtm support multilingual interface and theming. You can use either Microsoft Sql Server (Sql Express) or MySQL database.
New: if .\SQLEXPRESS auto creation database (App_Data folder)

Features Overview
Here is a list of features.

User Management
mtm has a registration system. There are four user groups with different permissions on what users are allowed to view, create, edit, and manage content. Administrator can choose what kind of user registration to use: with or without captcha or email activation.

Articles Management
News, Articles, Blogs.... You can choose which module to use Articles or Blogs or both of them. Categories for articles can be inserted in the menu and showed in all languages. Users can rate articles and leave comments. Every user can create own blog after specific number of comments, which can be changed in setting. Creating content is simple with the HTML editor, giving even novice users the ability to combine text and images. Administrator can access Article Archive for latest updates and site statistic. User Profile helps to review user last activity. And more, and even more coming soon…
New: Comments Voting, Subscriptions

Simple way to get more information from users, it’s creating votes with multiple options.

File Manager
The File Manager is the tool for easily managing files or folders. The File Manager is integrated into the Article Editor so you can grab images and other files at any time. Also Administrator has full access to all files and folders from site directory.

e-Commerce (Store)
Creating departments and subdepartments, adding producer, discounts can be made for only product or for all products from department, subdepartment or producer as well. Start date and close date of a discount can be set. Price lists uploading from MS-EXCEL, orders manager. More coming soon.

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